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Elham Ahmed: Assad has shown no interest in a fruitful dialogue about Syria’s future


“Any dialogue with Assad means a change in the regime, including a political solution leading to a unified and federal Syria, and currently there is no alliance between us and Assad,” said the head of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council,

She called on Ahmed to send an international monitoring force on the Syrian-Turkish border to prevent any aerial bombardment or Turkish attack, even if it was not large and even if its presence is symbolic, and called for the force to be composed of countries that fought against the organization of Da’ash.

Alham Ahmed proposed to the Europeans to finance the imprisonment of the prisoners of the organization urging Europeans, their wives and children in the East Euphrates region to prevent their return to Europe

Alham Ahmed is still on a US-British-French tour to persuade these countries to agree to the presence of the presumed force mentioned above



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