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Le Monde: ” Assad won and continues In Syria”


“In Syria, al-Assad won and continues,” the French newspaper Le Monde reported. “There are contradictory statements made by members of the administration in order to ease the idea of ​​a rapid withdrawal of US troops from Syria.”

“The recent US maneuvers will not change anything from Damascus’ strategy since 2011 to restore all Syrian territory.

At a time when the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, more than once that all the areas of Syria will be restored, and succeeded in preserving the capital Damascus and keep it away from any security threat, “noting that” left only some geographical areas that still stand in the way of Final and decisive victory, in addition to the rapid development of the situation in Idlib. ”

The newspaper said that “the atmosphere prevailing in the streets of the capital Damascus, which confirms the scenario of the final victory of the Syrian state,” speaking of “re-consideration of the Syrian state in the Middle East, where a number of countries began to open embassies in the capital, And restore ties with Assad. ”

“The Kurds felt betrayed by their American godfather while they asked for protection from Assad against Turkey,” she said. “The return of Syrian sovereignty to the northeast of the country could be a starting point for more balanced talks with Ankara, mediated by Russia, Its goal is to restore all Syrian territory after eight years of war. ”


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