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US official: We may remain on part of our forces at the base of al-Tanf in Syria


A senior US official said the United States may keep part of its troops in Syria, especially at the al-Tanf base south of the country, but the administration of President Donald Trump has not taken any decision on the matter.

, The unnamed official said, noting that he was accompanying US national security adviser John Bolton during his visit to Israel, that the United States had no timetable for withdrawing its troops from Syria.

The official believes it is possible to eliminate the remnants of Da’ash in Syria within weeks, adding that some of the forces that will be withdrawn from Syria will be transferred to Iraq.

The official added that Bolton, during his visit to Israel, is planning to discuss the possibility of retaining some troops at the base of al-Tanf south of Syria, as it plays an important role in reducing the influence of Iran in the region.

The official said the United States would like to hear the views of Israel and Jordan before making the final decision on the NATO base.





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