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Turkey fails to create tribal strife in the Syrian north and begins to implement its military threats


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed the failure of the Turkish authorities and their intelligence to create tribal strife in the countryside of Raqqa after several attempts to provoke it.

In the details, the Syrian Observatory confirmed the attempt of 8 people from Al-Hanadi clan, creating a sedition with the clan of Al-Bou assaf, by kidnapping, beating and insulting one of the last clan members in the name of Al-Hanadi tribe in Al-Bawz area in Tal Abyad, where the internal security forces”Asayish” deliberately arrested and interrogated them. Where reliable sources confirmed that they admitted that they are driven by Turkey to create tribal strife, in an attempt to create chaos in the region, in conjunction with the Turkish preparations for a military operation against the area of ​​East Euphrates, controlled by the Syrian Democratic forces, and spread the video showing the young men torturing the man from Al-Bou assaf Family and wielding his curses and insults, but the intervention of elders and notables and internal security forces between the two clans, explained their views and proximity, and prevented tribal fighting was aimed at elements of the sleeper cells of transplanted among the clans.

In the last 48 hours, Turkish forces have targeted the border town of Tal Abyad and the city of Kubany, killing two self-defense elements.

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