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Syrian military source announces the approach of the battle of Idlib


“The Syrian army will launch military action in the demilitarized zone if the terrorist organizations continue to attack its points and positions, especially with the failure of the Turkish side to implement its obligations under Sochi agreement,” a senior Syrian military source said.

In a statement to the Russian agency “Sputnik”, the source explained that the military action envisaged by the Syrian forces in the event of armed groups to escalate on the fronts of the countrysides of Hama and Idlib, adding that the northern countryside of Hama front witnessed a days of deliberate escalation by armed groups, “which were deployed near the Turkish observation post in the vicinity of the city of Morak north of Hama. The latest attacks were carried out by armed groups on Monday targeting the army positions in the vicinity of the high hill of Al-Dahra near the city of Suran with a number of missiles, which called for a response by the Syrian army to sources of divorce through artillery and rockets. The source added: The Syrian army forces monitored the armed forces of the organization of military forces from the areas of south Idlib to the front of Latamna north of Hama, has been dealt with by the artillery, which led to the destruction of a number of mechanisms and the killing and wounding of a number of militants.

The source added that the Turkish side failed so far to control the armed groups and convince them to withdraw from the demilitarized zone, stressing that this situation is no longer possible, “and if the armed groups continue to escalate Syrian forces will not only respond to the escalation, but there will be extensive military action in the region. ”

It is worth mentioning the spread of several factions allegiance to “Tahrir al-Sham” organization (Al-Nasra Front) in the northern countryside of Hama, notably “Al-Ezza Army”, which controls the villages and towns of Latamna, Kafarzita, Latmin, Zakat and Al-Arba’in, which includes the ranks of fighters from Chechnya and Uzbekistan spread north-west Syria, especially in the northern countryside of Hama and Sahl al-Ghab and the surrounding areas.

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