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Ministry of Interior confiscates nearly half a million fake dollars in Syria


The value of counterfeit currency seizures in Syria reached more than half a million dollars, nearly one million Saudi riyals, and other currencies, including the Syrian pound, according to official statistics issued by the Anti-Counterfeiting, Counterfeiting and Money Laundering Branch of the Ministry of the Interior.

According to statistics, Saudi Riyals topped the list of confiscations of counterfeiting funds, amounting to 985 thousand Saudi riyals, while the value of counterfeit dollars was 539,719 dollars.

Aleppo was the most frequently traded currency, followed by Damascus and then Daraa and Sweida. The list of counterfeit currency was not without the Syrian currency, especially 500 and 1,000 SP.

A source in the Criminal Security Department said that during the past years many people who were promoting foreign currencies and forged Syrian were arrested. He pointed out that it is difficult to distinguish between the counterfeit and real dollars for the accuracy of the forgery they are working on.

The number of detainees in the cases of promotion of counterfeit Syrian and foreign currency, falsification of official documents, promotion of false gold bullion, fraud and money exchange without a license reached 300 in 2017, while 2,700 were detained during 2011.

Anyone who imitates, defrauds or values ​​a banknote is punished by imprisonment for a term of not less than 5 years and up to 15 years with hard labor and a fine for counterfeit currency caused by an imbalance in the exchange rate and an impact on inflation rates

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