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A Syrian “shawarma” teacher is required for the Russian Duma


A Russian State Duma member, Vitaly Mellonov, has asked a Syrian Shawarma teacher to prepare meals for council members.

“It is necessary to set up a point of sale of high-quality shawarma for workers in the council building, saying that he finds it difficult to leave his work place permanently, especially in the winter to buy food,” Mellonov said. The Caucasus will then be sure that no one will eat the restaurants and will stand all the deputies in a queue behind the Shawarma, as he put it, and the MP that the price of this meal should be not less than 250 rubles.

The Syrian government and Russia signed a “road map” for cooperation between the two countries in 2018 and the next phase, which included the implementation of strategic projects related to the reconstruction and modernization of Syrian energy facilities, and opened the way for dozens of Russian companies and perhaps hundreds to invest in the country.

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