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The arrest of a counterfeit currency in the city of Homs


A source in the Homs police command said the arrest of the caller (Kh, Q), who was forging and promoting the Syrian currency.

According to the source, as a result of the criminal investigations and follow-up diligently in the pursuit of Mazoori and currency promoters, officers and elements of the police section of Bab al-Saba’a after the completion of the information and check and match the raid site in the new neighborhood of Akrama and arrested the accused, and seized in possession of two printing machines and ink cans used in fraud , In addition to setting 48 sheets of 500 false Syrian pounds and 5 banknotes of the category of 1000 falsified Syrian pounds, pointing out that the arrested person will be brought to the competent court after completing the investigations to get his fair .

It should be noted that in earlier times, several counterfeiters of currencies were arrested in the provinces of Syria after the market witnessed the currency of counterfeit cash in a remarkable manner.

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