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Syria’s cancer medicine plant begins production next month


The head of pharmacists in Syria, Dr. Mahmoud El-Hassan, revealed that the drug factory for the production of cancer and tumor drugs in the industrial city of Adra will enter production next month. It covers all the needs of these medicines with international standards. This saves import costs, provides timely preparations and protects patients from delays and handicaps of the siege.

Al Hassan noted that the number of new drug labs that have entered production this year is 6, including two in Tartous and the rest are in Adra, bringing the number of labs to 89 factories by incresing of 20 factories since 2010. Pointing out that the production of these laboratories as a whole covers the need of the market by 90%, which makes us close to the pre-war rate of 93%. This is evidence that the Syrian pharmaceutical industry is recovering quickly despite the external siege that is still practiced on them. He pointed out that the raw material needs 40 to 60 days from the country of origin to Syria, where it passes through Dubai airport to Beirut, to be transported by land to Syria. Which was previously transported within two days to Damascus International Airport directly from the country of origin. This confirms that the external siege is still practiced on the Syrian people because medicine is a basic necessity for the citizen.

He stressed that there is currently no loss of any national drug brand from the Syrian market, especially children’s medicines such as antibiotics and others, but the availability of local product, which is characterized by its quality and its appropriate price contributed greatly to the alleviation of imports and smuggling.

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