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Disbursement of employees in installments…A proposal to ease overcrowding in Damascus


The head of the internal transport company in Damascus, Samer Haddad, said that many proposals have been submitted to the Ministry of Local Administration to ease the congestion in Damascus to be presented to the government, including the dismissal of employees in batches at a certain frequency at the second, second, half and third hours.

“The duration of traffic lights during peak times can be reduced from 90 to 30 seconds in cooperation with the Traffic Directorate, as well as other alternatives, especially as the country is in the reconstruction phase,” Haddad said.

Haddad revealed that the new buses will arrive at the beginning of next year, noting that it has been approved to provide 1,000 internal transport buses for distribution to the four transport companies in the country within the framework of government support for mass transport.

Haddad explained that there are 7 private companies operating within Damascus lines with an estimated capacity of 250 buses.

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