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How ISIS penetrates the supernatural wall of Turkey?


The Turkish authorities are close to completing the construction of the concrete wall.

They started building it in 2016, starting from the border area of Ethel, north of Idlib, on the Syrian border, under the pretext of protecting its territory from the entry of illegal immigrants, smuggling arms and drugs and infiltrating extremists from the Syrian side, exploiting the circumstances of the Syrian crisis.

The wall is 711 kilometers long and consists of prefabricated walls with a height of four meters and a width of three meters.

The fence was also equipped with 8 meters high observation towers equipped with high-precision electronic control systems and technology. It also has remote control technology with wall mounted weapons. Turkish authorities have also used three-meter concrete blocks, each with barbed wire, to build the wall.

According to the Anatolia Turkish Agency, the Turkish wall has become third in terms of length, after the Great Wall of China (more than 9000 km) and the border wall between the United States and Mexico (more than 1,070 km.

Despite the construction of the Turkish wall on the Syrian border, however, the elements of Da’ash are still infiltrating into Syrian territory

The German state television (ARD) reported in a report earlier that there is a camp in the city of Gaziantep in southern Turkey to train the militants and then transfer them to Syria and Iraq to fight, adding that Turkey is the largest market for a shaky despite the denial of the government of justice and development. The first German channel has recently revealed that Da’ash has an informal office in the city of Istanbul in northwestern Turkey, which organizes support operations and supplies in Syria and Iraq to foreign elements.

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