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Asayish forces control the amount of gold and the amount of money in one of the houses in Tal-Abyed “Gre Spi”


The Asayish forces seized a large amount of gold and money in a house in the province of Gre Spi on Wednesday 17 October.

A complaint by a citizen to the Public Prosecutor’s Office alleging the disappearance of a sum of $ 20,000 and one kilogram of 21-carat gold has turned the complaint to the Crime Prevention Office in Gre Spi.

As part of the search and investigation carried out by the Asayish forces, it was found that the main reason for the loss was the result of a mistake by a young child who threw the amount with gold as garbage, according to an officer in the Office for Combating Organized Crime.

After following up on the matter and conducting investigations with the suspects, it was discovered that one of them had collected garbage before municipal workers arrived and found “gold and money”.

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