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The Kurdish people’s Protection units kill three elements of the pro-Turkey factions in the countryside of Afrin


The media center of the People’s Protection Units issued a statement revealing the implementation of  two specific operations targeting the pro-Turkish factions.

Vedeng News received a copy of the statement  :

“As part of the second phase of the resistance of the era in Afrin, our forces carried out two military operations targeting mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the village of Ghazawiya and the area of Nabi Hori in Afrin.”

”On 11 October, our forces carried out a sniper attack on a checkpoint in the village of Ghazzawiya, belonging to Afrin, where a mercenary from the Sham Corps, named Maher Ibrahim from the Idlib area, was killed.”

“On October 12, our forces ambushed the mercenaries of the Hamzah Brigade in the area of Nabi Hori, where two men were killed in the ambush. Two of them were identified as Mohammed Alawi from Homs, Abdel Ahmed from Idlib.”





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