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The Committee of Water Resources renew the wells license for the new agricultural season 2019


The Committee of Water Resources in the city of self-management in the province of Al- Hasakah opened the renewal of license wells for the new agricultural season 2019, and the number of renewing licenses is 65 licenses.

According to the Ministry of Information for the economy, the number of renewing permits for agricultural wells is 65 licenses, which determine the allocation of each farmer of the substance of diesel, sowing and fertilizer, in order to preserve the agricultural cycle of a peaceful area.

The director of the Water Resources Committee, Abdullatif Hassan, told the media office that the license was more favorable to the farmers than it was before. There is a demand for new farmers for this season to license their agricultural wells, as it guarantees farmers’ rights from their initial entitlements to agriculture.

Ali Mohamed, a farmer from the town of Safia, is renewing the license of a well in his desire to develop agriculture and revive the agricultural economy.


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