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 Internal Security Forces have arrested a criminal network in the city of Qamishly in northern Syria




The General Information Center of the Internal Security Forces in northern Syria confirmed that the security forces arrested members of a criminal network in the city of “Qamishly”.

The members of the Office for Combating Organized Crime in the forces of Asayish searched and verified the received information to arrest the suspects. They numbered fourteen Including two women.

They confessed to stealing several houses, cars, shops within the industrial zone and carrying out several armed robberies in the city of Qamishly.

The stolen items are:

1 – Amount of money estimated at / 364150 / Syrian pounds, / 1000 / Euro.

2 – car type Kia 2700 white color.

3-four Samsung Mobile Phones.

4- set of car parts.

5- Various industrial parts.

6 – a weapon of type /Bomb action /.

7. a gold ring

These persons were transferred to the Prosecution and Investigation Commission for taking the necessary legal measures.



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