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The Production of Hama iron factory is up to 170 tons per day


The director of Hama Iron Company ,Ahmad Tanb), announced the increase of the company’s production by 30 tons per day as a result of the increase in the electric recharge

He explained that «the average daily production reached between 150 to 170 tons per day», adding that «this increase in production led to lower costs in general, especially in the consumption of carbon electrodes used in the smelting process», according to the agency « Official Sana”

The Iron Hama Company, announced earlier, the reduction of the price of iron factory, and reached the last bulletin issued on 26 December last, 295 thousand pounds per tonne iron medium-tensile and 265 thousand pounds for iron pellet.

The local market is witnessing a stagnation in the demand for iron during this period of the year due to prevailing weather conditions, according to Tanb.

Hama Iron Company includes the smelting plant, the steel rails factory, the metal pipe plant and the steel forgery factory, the only steel production plant.

The cost of reconstruction of infrastructure in Syria is estimated at 400 billion dollars, according to the United Nations Economic Commission.




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