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Arab League allows to restore relations with Syria


Al-Ahram Al-Arabi  newspaper reported on Saturday (January 5th) the position of the Arab countries on restoring relations between the Arab League and Syria.

“Many Arab countries, including Gulf states, are moving towards agreeing to restore relations between the Arab League and Syria,” the newspaper quoted sources as saying.

The sources said that “the Council of the League of Arab States at the level of permanent delegates on January 6, will allow the reopening of Arab countries to embassies in the Syrian capital Damascus and the reopening of Syrian embassies in Arab capitals after the Arab League froze membership of Syria in November 2011.

The sources pointed out that “there are two groups within the Arab League, the first group calls for the return of Syria to its vacant seat 7 years ago during the meeting of permanent delegates on January 6, paving the way for the presence of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of the Arab Economic Summit in Lebanon this month, Then the Arab League summit in March next. ”

They added that “the other group wants to allow the meeting of permanent delegates to restore the work of Arab embassies and Arab ambassadors to Damascus, the return of Syrian ambassadors to Arab countries, and postponement of the decision of Syria’s return to its seat at the Arab League to the next summit, and that this decision by the Arab leaders in March next”

The sources said, “It has not settled everyone on a unified position so far, but according to all sources confirmed that the return of Syria to its seat in the Arab League is a matter of time.”

The UAE announced last week the opening of its embassy in Damascus, while the Kingdom of Bahrain, the continuation of the work of its embassy in Damascus, pointing out that the Syrian embassy in the capital Manama is doing its normal work, years after the closure of a number of embassies of Arab countries in Damascus at the start of the Syrian crisis, Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Jarallah said in statements to Qatar’s Al-Jazeera television on Monday that “there is no return to the work of his country’s embassy in Damascus until after a decision by the Arab League.”

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