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The Pentagon: US forces are still fighting Da’ash


The Pentagon confirmed that US forces were still continuing their military operations against remnants of Da’ash there.

“We are focusing on the balanced and controllable process of troop withdrawals and we are taking all possible measures to ensure the safety of our soldiers as they pursue the remaining militants,” US Defense Department spokeswoman Carla Gleeson told the TASS news agency on Saturday.

The spokeswoman also declined to comment on the authenticity of media reports that the first batch of US troops left Syrian territory on December 28, saying: “We have no intention to talk about the details of operations.”

The Anatolia news agency reported on Saturday that the United States emptied one of its military depots in northeastern Syria for the first time after announcing the decision to withdraw its troops from the country. The agency quoted “credible local sources” in Hasaka province that the United States had vacated one of its warehouses in The city of Malikiyah in the province of Hasaka, on Friday, noting that the warehouse contains several stores, where there are about 50 US soldiers.

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