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Iraqi presidency denies offering a project about Syria


A spokesman for Iraqi President “Luqman al-Fili” on Sunday that what was published by the media on the proposal of President Barham Salih, on Syria is inaccurate.

The spokesman of the Iraqi president said in a statement issued today that “one of the media published an article today, dealing with a draft proposal for the Iraqi president on Syria, but this information is inaccurate.”

He stressed that the President of the Republic Barham Salih stressed previously and stresses the need to support the efforts of peaceful solution to end the crisis in Syria, on the basis of respect for its independent decision to end interference in its internal affairs.

He added that “the President of the Republic believes that reaching this goal requires the coordination and support of neighboring countries and the international community in order to prevent the involvement in a new conflict of regional conflicts useless.”

Al-Fili pointed out that the Iraqi president always affirms that Iraq is always looking to consolidate its relations with all its neighbors, including Turkey, with which it has common cultural and historical interests.

He also said that the Iraqi constitution emphasizes the policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

The statement referred to Salih’s support for the efforts to restore Syria’s health and to be stable, safe and friendly.

The newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported Sunday that President Barham Salih presented a proposal on the Syrian crisis after the decision to withdraw from the US, pointing out that this proposal is one of the scenarios that were put forward on the crisis.
According to information for the Middle East, “the first scenario was put forward by President Barham Salih, which includes the leaders of the PKK from the Qandil mountains to Sulaymaniyah and then visit Damascus to restore the old heat and relationship, including the return of the army and the border guards to all Syrian border points with Turkey and Iraq, in addition to the return of Syrian flag and official elements of sovereignty to the areas of East Euphrates.

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