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Damages in Lattakia citrus fields caused by rain storm


In support of citrus growers and to mitigate those affected by weather conditions .. Lattakia Governor Ibrahim Kheder al-Salem urged the Syrian Establishment for Trade to buy the full quantities of citrus fruits from the rain storm which affected the governorate during the period from 16 to 20 of this month in coordination with the Directorate Agriculture and the Union of Peasants.

The rain storm in Lattakia during this period led to the fall of some citrus varieties left on the trees, “Kalmentina and Abu Sarra,” which the Directorate of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform by 1115 tons.

And the Director of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform in the province engineer Munther Khairbk attributed the cause of the fall of fruits that a large part of them mature fully and delayed picking.

On the other hand, in the framework of efforts and procedures to facilitate the marketing of citrus from farmers and support their export abroad, including guidance on non-payment of any fees on containers intended to export material through border crossings. The Governor of Lattakia Ibrahim Kheder al-Salem, during his meeting today with the Sub-Committee for Marketing in the province, For packing refrigerators for export with citrus to give them a book exemption from fees and to ensure the planned support for each container export citrus at $ / 1600 / USD.

He stressed that any violation of the transfer of material other than citrus will require the violation and lack of access to support on the basis that the subsidy allocated by the government directed to citrus farmers and marketing this article.

Al-Salem stressed during the meeting that all the mechanisms of the government departments are ready to support to accelerate the marketing of citrus.

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