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Buthaina Shaaban: American forces fled from Syria because we held


“The political and media adviser to the Syrian presidency,” Buthaina Shaaban, “we have held and this is the reason for the withdrawal of US forces.

Where the political and media adviser to the Syrian presidency Buthaina Shaaban on the US withdrawal from Syria, saying: “fled because we held us,” noting that “all the interpretations that try to give the fugitive elements of power are interpretations of the defeat.”

“Some are trying to keep prestige and power on those who failed and escape from its shameful and illegitimate act and do not even dare to dictate the power of the party that sacrificed and was the main reason for this failure,” she said.

Shaaban considered that “intellectual and media colonization is no less dangerous than military and political colonization,” noting that “in addition to the profit of military battles, we must focus on our intellectual battles.”

Source: Agencies

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