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Clinton: Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria shows “weakness and folly”



Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria

“The actions have consequences, and whether we are in Syria or not, people who want to harm us are at war,” Clinton said in a personal tweet on Twitter.

“Isolation means weakness,” Clinton said. Enabling a daunting is dangerous. Playing now in the hands of Russia and Iran is a foolish thing. This president puts our national security at great risk. ”

In the same vein, the US president responded via his Twitter account, saying, “It has done a lot more damage than any previous US president.”

The US President, Donald Trump, announced last Wednesday that his country has defeated the organization of “Da’ash” in Syria, and that was the reason for the presence of troops there.

The White House spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, said:” that Washington began the process of withdrawing troops from Syria, and that US forces are preparing for the next phase of fighting the organization “calling” terrorist.”

Sanders said in a statement on Wednesday, “We have begun to bring US troops home and we are moving to the next phase of this campaign”

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