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After visiting Turkey…James Jeffrey visits again north and east of Syria to discuss the latest developments


The visit is considered the second of its kind for the US special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, to the regions of north and east of Syria, where he held new meetings with the leaders of the administration of North and East Syria and comes after the meeting of the Turkish-American working group a few days ago in Ankara headed by US special envoy to Syria James Jeffrey and Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Sadat Onal.

Where the news agency “Punt Post,” quoting a special source high-level in the Syrian Democratic Council reported that the US special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey is in the north of Syria, where meetings with leaders of the administration of North and East Syria.

The source added that Jeffrey “traveled from Turkey to the areas of northern Syria directly across Iraq to discuss developments and the mechanism of stability in the region and what he carried from Turkey with the leaders of the Syrian Democratic Council.

The source added that Jeffrey’s visit “will last for two days and will meet with the leaders of the Syrian Democratic Council and the Future Syria Party and the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces.”

The visit coincided with threats by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that his country would launch a military operation against the “Syrian Democratic Forces” east of the Euphrates River soon.

It is worth mentioning that the US envoy, “Brett McGork,” said they will continue to stay in Syria until the formation of “internal security forces, to ensure the continued maintenance of the gains that have been achieved by the organization.” He said that the military operations against Da’ash in Syria is still ongoing, that the presence of the organization there fell to 1%. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump, during a ceremony at the White House to sign a law providing for the protection and support of minorities in Syria and Iraq “and that the war against” terrorist organization is nearing completion, and that all Da’ash terrorists would be eliminated within 30 days ..

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