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There is no solution to their fate so far…700 prisoners of Da’ash in Syria


Canadian Defense Minister Hargit Sagan announced Thursday after an international meeting near Ottawa that the fate of some 700 prisoners who are being held in Syria will be determined by the countries from which they are born.

Following Thursday’s meeting in Chelsea near Ottawa for ministers and senior defense officials from 13 member countries of the US-led international coalition against Iraq and Syria, Sagan said that “all countries must follow their own mechanism”.

The Syrian Democratic Forces have imprisoned these detainees, who come from about 40 countries, according to US Defense Secretary James Matisse.

The organization invaded large areas of Iraq and Syria during the war years, but the military operations launched by the coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces led to the defeat of the organization.

Some member countries of the international coalition, which do not want to return these fighters to their territory because of the difficulty of collecting evidence around them in a war zone and to avoid extremism within the prisons of these countries.

But Washington hopes that the countries from which the fighters come from “return them because Syria’s Democratic Forces can not really arrest them in the long term,” Matisse said on board his flight to Ottawa.

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