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Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon: Syria is safer than countries of asylum


Al-Assad’s ambassador in Lebanon, Ali Abdel Karim, called on Syrian refugees to return home, claiming that “Syria is safer than asylum countries.”

During his meeting with the Committee for the Return of Displaced Persons in the Free Patriotic Movement, the most extreme Lebanese political trend towards the Syrian refugees, Abdel Karim demanded that every Syrian refugee return to his country to rebuild his home and homeland and be a partner in building what the conspirators destroyed in Syria.

He praised the “amnesty” issued by Bashar al-Assad, claiming that thousands of refugees have returned after its release, and that a large part of them joined the army of the regime and fighting in its ranks today.

Nearly one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon suffer from tragic circumstances, as a result of the policies pursued by some parties in the Lebanese government against them, and the campaigns of hatred and racist atmosphere hostile to them in large segments of Lebanese society.

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