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US military announces need to train more than 30,000 fighters in Syria


General Joseph Danford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, confirmed Washington’s need to train 35-40,000 fighters in Syria and that the work was completed by 20 percent, according to Sputnik.

At a Washington Post news conference on Sunday, Danford said, “According to US military estimates, some 35-40,000 local fighters must be trained to ensure stability in the region. I think we have completed 20 percent of these exercises.”

With regard to the tasks of US forces in Syria, Danford stressed that the international coalition led by his country is fighting Da’ash and the coalition countries support the diplomatic efforts of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to resolve the crisis in Syria.

At the beginning of this year, the Washington-led international coalition has announced its intention to form forces to protect the border with Turkey and Iraq in Syria of about 30,000 fighters and it will be led by Syria’s democratic forces to help get rid of the “great danger” posed by the fighters of  ” Da’ash”.

A few days after the announcement of the International Alliance, the Syrian Democratic Forces said they had graduated from the first course of the “border guards”, which included 154 elements.

The US decision to create the border guards at the time angered Turkey, which expressed its rejection of the establishment of this force, where the Syrian Democratic Forces as an extension of the PKK in Syria

Source: Agencies


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