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Clashes between the Syrian army and armed elements on the autostrad of “Lattakia-Jisr al-Shughour”


The Syrian army responded to an armed attack by an armed group that tried to infiltrate and attack military positions.

According to the agency “SANA” Syrian news, that the Syrian Arab army thwarted, on Wednesday, an attempt to infiltrate an armed group towards the positions of the army at the point of Ain al-Hour, 5 km north of the town of Kensba, located on the autostrad of Lattakia – Jisr al-Shughour and managed to thwart the attempt signed Killed in the ranks of the militants while fleeing from the left towards their positions near the Syrian-Turkish border.

It is worth mentioning that some villages in the northern Lattakia countryside bordering the Turkish border are still under the control of some armed groups such as Al-Nasra Front and the Turkestan Party, which frequently attacks the military points of the Syrian army every period.

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