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The Syrian president is undergoing a major reshuffle in the Syrian government and appointing a new governor for Damascus


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday issued Decree No. 360 to amend the Syrian government, which has made government changes involving several ministries, according to the site of the Syrian presidency included Presidential Decree No. 360 to amend the government and the appointment of:

– Engineer Hussein Arnous Minister of Water Resources

– Dr. Atef Nadaf Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection

– Major General Mohammed Khalid Al-Rahmoun, Minister of Interior

– Engineer Mohammad Rami Radwan Martini Minister of Tourism

– Mr. Emad Mouwafaq Al-Azab Minister of Education

– Dr. Bassam Bashir Ibrahim, Minister of Higher Education

– Eng. Suhail Mohammed Abdul Latif Minister of Public Works and Housing

– Engineer Iyad Mohammed Al-Khatib Minister of Communications and Technology

– Eng. Mohamed Maan Zine El Abidine Jahba, Minister of Industry

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad also issued Decree No. 363 appointing Adel Anwar al-Olabi, a new governor of Damascus

It is worth mentioning that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued another legislative decree establishing a public authority of an administrative nature in the name of the National Reconciliation Commission based in Damascus. He also signed two other decrees ending the appointment of Dr. Ali Haider as Minister of State for National Reconciliation.

Source: Syrian Presidency website

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