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The arrest of a Jordanian person smuggling millions of Syrian pounds


Syrian security forces arrested a Jordanian who smuggled millions of Syrian pounds into his truck through the Nisib border crossing between Damascus and Amman.

The Syrian newspaper Al-Watan quoted sources as saying that “Syrian funds smuggled to Jordan were seized through a truck transporting goods to the Jordanian side.”

“The money was found in the trunk of the car after the smuggler tried to hide it between his load of goods and various materials,” the newspaper said.

The preliminary investigation revealed that “the smuggler is a Jordanian citizen and that he made many contradictory statements about the reason for carrying the money and trying to smuggle it into Jordan, including that these pounds are the price of goods sold in the Syrian markets.”

“Customs worked to hold the funds and organize their own control to be deposited with the Central Bank.”

It should be noted that the person was referred to the competent judiciary to complete the judicial procedures in force in such cases.

Source: Al Watan Syrian newspaper

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