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Syrian Ministry of Transport plans to build new railways at a cost of 900 billion Syrian pounds


A source in the Syrian Ministry of Transport revealed the existence of a plan for 10 years to include the extension of 2,000 km of new railway lines to link ports, airports, mines, oil refineries, industrial cities and vital centers, at a cost of 900 billion Syrian pounds.

The ministry’s plan included serving the largest possible number of citizens with fast, comfortable and safe passenger trains and rehabilitating and upgrading the old lines at a cost of 566 billion Syrian pounds, Al-Thawra reported.

Under the vision of the “Ministry of Transport”, the purchase of motor and mobile tools and spare parts at an estimated amount of 350 billion pounds, and the establishment of a center for repair, manufacture and assembly mechanisms maintenance lines of 44 billion pounds.

The source stressed that the time period of this strategic vision is not a fixed figure, which can be implemented within five years only, in the event of funding and the appropriate circumstances, and priorities and the need determined by the government.

The source pointed out that the extension of lines according to the plan of the ministry will be in accordance with two axes, the first from the north to the south and the second from east to west, through two tracks internationally and internally.

The first axis extends internationally from Europe through Turkey to Syria and from there to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. The internal route is from the Syrian-Turkish border through Akbis Square to Aleppo, then Homs, Damascus, Daraa and Syrian-Jordanian borders.

The second axis is internationally from Europe via the Syrian ports to Syria and from there to Iraq, Iran and East Asia, while the internal route separates from the port of Tartous – Eastern Homs – Palmyra – Deir Al – Zour – Alboukmal – the Syrian – Iraqi border and the port of Tartous – The Syrian-Iraqi border, the port of Lattakia, Aleppo, Deir al-Zour, and the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The investment budget for the “Ministry of Transport” and its institutions and affiliates next year is 44.7 billion pounds, compared with 27.5 billion pounds to implement their investment projects in 2018, and adoption of 22.3 billion pounds in 2017.

At the end of 2017, the General Organization of Railways received promises from Russian companies to provide full support for the construction of railways in Syria to have a full role in reconstruction,

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