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 Juice in the markets of  Damascus contains carcinogenic chemicals


The Health Directorate of the Governorate of Damascus withdrew from the market random samples of a substance containing carcinogens.

According to the site of Syrian “Damas Post” , the Directorate revealed during a tour, random samples on the market for the substance of the juice (T) is shown to be a chemical violation of the presence of pigments and colors are not allowed to use.

The director of health affairs in the province of Damascus, Maher Ria, that this chemical is harmful and carcinogenic and there are deposits are not resolved and is dangerous to the health of children.

The Directorate of Health Affairs confirmed that it is continuing to withdraw all similar samples from the markets. It is addressed to the Directorate of Health in the countryside of Damascus in order to take penalties against the owner of the plant.

The name of the juice manufacturer was not disclosed and the health affairs were only warned of the dyestuffs.

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