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The abductees of Sweida were carrying the Syrian president on their shoulders after their release  from the organization of Da’ash


The Syrian president on Tuesday received the  the abductees of Sweida with their families in Damascus

As one of the oldest Arab customs,they drink bitter coffee to taste the victory with President Assad after a break of coffee for more than three months.

The website of Russia today also circulated a video in which the  abductees of Sweida and their relatives were carrying the Syrian president on their shoulders when he received them on Tuesday in Damascus after being released from the tight grip of  Da’ash.

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian army carried out a qualitative and accurate operation resulted in the liberation of all the abductees of Sweida in the hands of “Da’ash” in the area of Hamaima northeast of Palmyra after a direct engagement with Russian support.

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