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Germany: Decision to prevent deportation of Syrians is threatened with cancellation after rape


“We can not remain after this heinous crime against our previous positions, as if nothing had happened,” Matthias Mildenberger, a spokesman for the parliamentary coalition of the Christian Alliance for Internal Politics, said in an interview with the German newspaper Welt on Saturday.

The politician, who belongs to the Christian Democrats led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, said that “the process of deportation of criminals and those classified dangerous to their countries in which the work must be examined to see the possibility of including him also,” The German politician “if conditions in some areas of Syria are improving , It should not rule out the deportation of certain persons from a narrow circle to those areas. ” “Wherever the possibility of deportation is available, the principle of protecting our citizens must have priority over the right to remain for the perpetrators.”

In 2012, Germany decided to prevent the forcible transfer of Syrians to their country because of the war conditions there. German interior ministers will discuss the extension of the resolution for an additional period at the end of this month.

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