Syrian News

American military patrols in the areas of Darbasiya and Sarakaniya in northern Syria


After repeated Turkish bombardments of the eastern Euphrates and northern Syria areas on the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces () in Kubani, Tal Al Abyad and the countryside of Qamishli, US military patrols deployed on the Syrian-Turkish border in the Darbasiya and Ras Al-Ain area in the northernmost Syrian province of Al-Hasakah on Sunday.

The International Coalition announced last Thursday that it was working to reduce the recent escalation between Ankara and the “Syrian Democratic Forces” after the bombing of Turkey positions of northern Syria, and the spokesman of the International Alliance Sean Ryan said on his account on Twitter: “We Connect with both parties Turkey and “Syria’s democratic forces,” to reduce the escalation, “stressing the importance of” focus on defeating of the organization of Da’ash. “

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