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The Father of “Jihadi Jack” asks Canada to help bring his son home


The father of ‘Jihadi Jack’ has travelled to Ottawa to appeal for the Canadian government to repatriate his son from captivity in Syria.

John Letts, who along with his son Jack has dual British Canadian nationality, denied his son traveled to Syria to fight for Isis and said instead that he had worked in “opposition” to the group.

Mr. Letts’ son was dubbed ‘Jihadi Jack’ after he converted to Islam and travelled to Syria in 2014, where he is suspected of joining Isis.

He was captured by Kurdish forces last year and his parents are calling on the Canadian government to step in to repatriate him,

John Letts, who along with his partner Sally Lane, is awaiting trial at the Old Bailey accused of sending money to his son when they knew or had reasonable cause to suspect that it might be used for the support of terrorism, said his has not been able to talk about the case in Britain “because of contempt of court rules”.

However, speaking to Canadian media before a meeting with diplomats in Ottawa, he said: “I want everyone here to know what we know – that Jack worked with others in the religious opposition to Isis in Raqqa.

“He condemned Isis on social media and he wants to spend the rest of his life living peacefully and bearing witness against Isis.”

Mr. Letts added: “I do not have any other choice than to speak out because I love my son and I think he’s innocent.”

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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