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Hawar correspondents were injured by the Turkish army  in “Cree Sbe” 


On Friday morning, the Turkish army targeted the correspondents of the Hawar agency, Kulstan Muhammad and Ibrahim Ahmed, in Cree Sbe, northern Syria, while covering the Turkish army’s violations and shelling of residential areas in the city.

According to the Hawar agency, Kulstan Mohammed and Ibrahim Ahmed were injured this morning as the Turkish occupation army targeted the city of Cree Sbe.They were taken to the national hospital for treatment.

According to the medical staff’s information, the case of Kulstan Mohammed is not stable due to injuries in the head area. She is currently undergoing surgery while the health condition of Ibrahim Ahmed, who was injured in his hand, has stabilized.

It is worth mentioning that the two correspondents were present in the neighborhood of Al-Nabatah east of the city of “Cree Sbe” to follow up the situation of the region, which was targeted by the Turkish army on Thursday.

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