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Aldar Khalil condemns the Turkish attacks and describes them as a dangerous escalation


The prominent leader and politician of the Movement for Democratic Society, Mr. Aldar Khalil, condemned the Turkish provocations and statements about the fight against the Syrian forces in the east of the Euphrates.

Khalil pointed out that it aims to prolong the war in Syria and to preserve the terrorism that is attacking the eastern parts of Syria. Turkey is targeting the areas of Cree Sbe, which is another challenge for the international community.

He also condemned the silence of the world regarding the practices of Turkey.” It is a negative development that will not serve anyone”, he said.

He pointed out that there is no reason for this attack, which is a direct aggression on the elements and democratic authorities that seek to resolve the Syrian crisis and the fight against terrorism.

He called on the international community and relevant institutions to intervene to prevent the escalation of tension, which would not be good in the current circumstances.

He expressed deep discontent with fascism, according to the Turkish state and its president, Erdogan.

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