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Internal Security Forces arrest two arms dealers in Tal Hamis, northern Syria


Internal Security Forces were able to arrest the two dealers of weapons in one of the roads leading to the village of Jazah near “Tal Hamis” in northern Syria and came in a statement of the Internal Security Forces.

Vedeng News received a copy of it :
“On 27 October, our forces arrested two traders of weapons on one of the roads leading to the village of Jazah near Tal Hamis. After receiving information from private sources belonging to our forces, members of the Anti-Organized Crime Office in “Tal Hamis” check the authenticity of the information received, where the suspects were arrested through the ambush on a road leading to the village of “Jazah”.

An official in the Office for the Suppression of Organized Crime confirmed that, through the investigation, the two men had confessed to having illegally trafficked weapons :
1- Four pistols (9/14 mm)
2- A short star pistol (9) mm
3. Croatian Crook pistol
4. Long-sighted “military telescope”

The weapons were confiscated and forwarded to the Prosecution and Investigation Commission with the dealers to take appropriate legal action.

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