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Syrian Democratic Forces Kill 29 militants of Da’ash and destroy 3 car bombs within the battle to “defeat terrorism”


The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces issued a statement to the public opinion in which it revealed the destruction of three car bombs, three motorcycles and  killing of 29 militants of Da’ash, in which they confirmed the response of the forces of Kadhid to the attacks of the organization at the axes of Al-Bagouz and Hajeen.

Vedeng News received a copy of the statement:

“Al-Baghouz axis: Our fighters have responded to the attacks of mercenaries, using car bombs , in addition to  Dushka and mortars. Clashes broke out between our fighters and terrorists with aviation of the International Alliance.

Our forces advanced about 1 km after violent clashes with the terrorists. They managed to install 9 points and then started combing the area.

2 – Hajeen axis: Our fighters blew up a car bomb of the terrorists, before reaching its goal, while our forces advanced a distance of / 700 meters, after violent clashes with terrorists, where 8 points were installed, and immediately our fighters combed the area of remnants of terrorists and seized weapons and military equipment.

3 – The outcomes of the clashes:

– The number of terrorist deaths: 29 Terrorist militants.

Air strikes: / 12 / strikes.

– Number of points installed: / 17 / points.

– Losses of terrorists: 3 / car bombs, / 3 / motorcycles, destruction of the communications center, destruction of the site of the ammunition, and the seizure of  (Hitra communication ).


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