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The arrest of one of the smugglers of antiquities in the town of Qahtaniya ”Trabsbeh”


Asayish security forces detained a person who smuggled the antiquities out of the area in a village and confiscated a number of antiquities.

“Our forces on Tuesday (28 August) arrested one of the archeological smugglers in the countryside of Trabsbeh,” the Asayish media center said. Following the receipt of a communication that a person smuggled antiquities from the town of Tarbesbeh outside the borders of the area, the members of  Combating Organized Crime in coordination with the competent authorities of Asayish”Trabsbeh” investigated and verified the received information and monitored the movements of the smuggler.A patrol was formed and the smuggler was arrested. He had a number of artifacts, some dating back to the Roman and Byzantine periods.

Last month, the Asayish forces arrested a smuggling network in the town of Jawadiyah, “Gul Agha”.

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