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Tension in Sweida escalated after a head was found with a racist message


Citizens in the province of Sweida found the head of a man who had previously been kidnapped from Sweida countryside in a black bag with a sheet of racist words.

Local media reported on Wednesday that the head belonged to the citizen “Ali Khalif al-Nader” , who was kidnapped by unknown persons while he was in the village of Walga in the western countryside of Sweida last week and was taken to an unknown destination to be found by citizens with his head cut off and subjected in a black bag in the courtyard of Al-Muqawas Mosque in the city. Inside the bag, there was a paper containing racist expressions. Activists in Sweida considered that this action is aimed at provoking sectarian strife and citizens should exercise caution.

It is noteworthy that the province of Swaida had seen on the 25 of July, an attack which is the bloodiest and the heaviest one for Da’ash organization on the province, killing dozens and the abduction of 37 people from the region.

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