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Russia: Britain is involved in a new plot to strike Syria


Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, announced that he told the Foreign Ministry about preparing for provocations by the militants in Syria, according to a statement issued on Thursday.

“We talked to colleagues about the preparation of the militants, especially Al-Sham Liberation Organization,  “Al-Nasra Front” former, for another provocation in Idlib province using toxic chemicals against the civilian population in order to assign responsibility for this crime to government forces,” Antonov said. According to the Sputnik agency.

The statement said: “It was reported that the militants had transferred to the city of Jisr al-Shughour – eight containers containing chlorine, which was then transferred by the militants of the” Turkistan-Islamic Party “to the village of Helios, and there also arrived a group of specially trained militants who were trained under the leadership of a special British military company called Oliva, which will simulate the rescue of victims of chemical weapons. That’s why they even plan to lure children as hostages. ”

Antonov added: “This provocation is being prepared with the active participation of the British intelligence, and may become a pretext for the implementation of the Western ” Troika ” Washington, London and Paris, for other air-missile attacks on the military infrastructure and civilian in Syria”

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