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Honor crimes in cities do not exceed 5% and the proportion is increasing in the eastern regions of Syria


The second investigating judge in Damascus, Mohammed Kharbotli, reported that there is a decline in the commission of honor crimes in the cities and that a small percentage of crimes under the name of “honor crimes” whether the husband killed his wife or the brother his sister or the father his daughter and its proportion does not exceed 5% since 2009. But this proportion is larger in the rural areas , especially in the eastern region.

Judge Kharbotli added that there are many cases of marital infidelity in the capital, which the husband tends to raise the issue of “adultery or divorce” without going to murder except in a few cases, and the ruling of adultery after proof, with stressing on the difficulty of proving it and the law punished it by imprisonment from one month to one year, and are prosecuted by the husband or father exclusively, and in order to maintain reputation and not to defame the public right is dropped when the plaintiff dropped his personal right and withdraw the case.

The judge pointed out to the hot spots that it did not reach the capital any case of «honor crimes», which was prevalent in those areas «Jihad marriage» under the marriage custom, so the girl had two options either “death” or “Jihad marriage”.

As for the tribal or clan distribution in some Syrian regions, which is dominated by the words “this is our custom and our clan” and how the legislator dealt with them, Judge Kharbotli asserted that the Syrian law did not discriminate against anyone and “the law applies to everyone.” As he put it, honor killings are tried on this basis, however, if he tries to take this approach to mitigate the offender, he will be punished as a murder wherever it takes place on the entire Syrian territory.

It is noteworthy that the rule of these crimes in the law under Article 534, among the excuses amended and amendment in 2009 provided for the use of the excuse mitigated by imprisonment for up to 5 years, according to the judge’s decision.

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