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Idlib: leaflets calling on the people to leave their arms and join the local reconciliation



A Syrian army helicopter on Thursday hurled leaflets at the northern countryside of Idlib calling on the people to “leave arms and join the national reconciliation.”
Local activists said that a helicopter had dropped leaflets on the towns and villages of “Kafria, al-Fooua, Benesh, Tifnaz and Sbak” in the countryside  of Idlib.
“How long will you and your family live in fear and anxiety ? We invite you to join local reconciliation, as many Syrians have done .”

A group of UN relief agencies warned of any military operation in Idlib, as it could lead to the displacement of at least 700,000 people.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian army began sending military reinforcements to the front of the  south-eastern countryside  of Idlib and specifically to the axis of the town of Abu Al-Dhour in parallel with sending military reinforcements to the axis of the northern Hama in preparation for the start of the Battle of Idlib.




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