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The Syrian government announces jobs and Hasakah requests the largest number of employees



The Syrian government has declared its need to employ hundreds of citizens in various fields such as gas, electricity and services, a move that comes weeks after the Syrian president stressed that reconstruction is “the first priority.”
Since its outbreak in 2011, the conflict in Syria has caused massive destruction of infrastructure from water, electricity, schools and hospitals. It has also severely damaged public facilities , especially in areas where there has been heavy fighting.

The official website of Syrian television on Friday, quoting several departments and ministries, announced the organization of competitions and tests to select more than 850 permanent or contractual employees.

Among those jobs were the appointments of 97 workers at  Mahreda Electricity Establishment, located in the central governorate of Hama, which saw violent clashes between opposition factions and Syrian army forces in 2016.

The Syrian General Company for the Industry of Cables opened the door of contracting with 89 workers, while the Syrian Gas Company wants to employ 175 workers at its headquarters in (central Homs) and its directorates in the provinces of Hasakah (northeast) and Deir al-Zour (east).

The Directorate of Agriculture of Hasakah requested the largest number of employees, 209 according to state television.

Other departments, particularly in the recently restored Daraa and Sweida provinces in the south of the country, require agricultural workers, drivers, maintenance staff, computer technicians and guards.

The Ministry of Information also announced a competition for the hiring of 122 workers in the fields of media, political science, rights and the arts in several languages, including Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese.

The declarations issued by most of these departments indicate that half of the posts are reserved for “the families of the martyrs or persons with total disability like father, mother, wife, children and brothers” according  to a law issued in 2014.

last year ,The International  Bank estimated the cost of war losses at $ 226 billion, four times the pre-conflict internal production.

Moscow, Damascus’s main ally, last week called on the superpowers of the UN Security Council to help Syria in reviving its economy. Russia, which played a crucial role alongside Syrian government forces, proposed last month an initiative to repatriate Syrian refugees from Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt, requiring international and financial support.

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