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Russia gives Turkey a month to resolve Idlib’s file



Informed sources said that Russia gave Turkey a month to resolve the issue of Idlib

Al-Arabiya Net quoted the newspaper “Middle East” that” Moscow gave Ankara until the summit of the Quartet between Russia and Turkey, France and Germany on the seventh of September to resolve Idlib’s file”.

Turkey has pushed the opposition factions in northern Syria and its loyalists to form a unified entity called the “National Liberation Front”, which includes about 70 thousand fighters, according to informed estimates, within the plan to give time for “Hayat Tehrir al- Sham” to dismantle  itself to join Syrians from the alliance   within a new bloc, finding a mechanism for foreign fighters to come out.

On Tuesday, Russia announced that  the government forces would not launch a “broad offensive” against  Idlib region in northern Syria at present, and as an area that is considered a new priority by Damascus .

The Russian envoy to Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, as quoted by Russian news agencies, stated that “a large-scale attack against Idlib is not possible, and will not be at present ”

The Russian official said that at the end of a meeting for the Syrian crisis in Sochi between representatives of the Russians, Iranians and Turks, as well as representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition.

For his part,  the head of the delegation of the opposition, Ahmed Tohma said : “We are working to stabilize Idlib through the factions of the Free Syrian Army and our Turkish guarantor partner,” calling for the transformation of the Idlib area from “a zone to reduce the escalation to the area of ​​a full ceasefire.”

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