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Thousands leave Idlib……fearing from imminent battles


Thousands of Idlib residents are leaving the province through a corridor run by Russian troops in the village of Abu al-Homs, after reports of the imminent battle of Idlib by the Syrian army against armed factions, Russian media reported.

“We are cooperating with the local administration in the province to form a committee that deals with the return of refugees and the verification of their personal documents, because there are many people who burned their personal documents and their property,” the sources said. “During the fighting,  all the displaced are also examined according to Syrian databases, and identify those who have problems with the law. In addition, before proceeding along the humanitarian corridor, each person is carefully examined for weapons and explosives, because possession is prohibited. ” Ttey added.

The Syrian president told the media earlier that “the province of Idlib and other sites of terrorists will become priority targets for the operations and movements of Syrian forces in the near future with the aim of freeing them from remnants and factions of militants.”

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