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The Syrian Tobacco Corporation produces about 39 billion and sells for 32 billion and won 1.67 billion pounds last year


The final budget of the General Organization of Tobacco in Syria showed last year that it achieved a net profit of LL 1,567 billion with a sales of 32.96 billion pounds and a production of 6572 tons of various kinds of tobacco, amounting to 39.574 billion pounds.
The company’s production and marketing report for the first half of this year, according to the general manager Mohsen Abido, said that it produced 2628 tons worth 15,591 billion pounds, while its sales amounted to 2061 tons worth 12.1232 billion pounds, stressing that the corporation is seeking to produce high economic items to increase profits. Despite the difficulties related to securing spare parts and raw materials due to unilateral coercive measures against Syria and the reluctance of many companies to participate in tenders in addition to electrical and mechanical faults. Aleppo is currently in service.
The Director General of the Foundation said in a press statement that the low rate of implementation in the production due to the Lattakia plant stopped working for periodic maintenance while the marketing difficulties are the presence of large quantities of foreign cigarettes competing for local products in the market at cheap prices and the difficulty of access to some provinces because of security conditions Where the organization’s sales constitute a large percentage.
As a result of the increase in the prices of the purchase of all cultivated items in proportion to the cost of production, large amounts of tobacco crop purchased during the 2017/2018 season were paid without any delay. The value of the crop was 1790.5 billion pounds. The priority was to pay the farmers despite their financial obligations In recognition of their efforts and the interest of the management of the institution by providing all the requirements for the success of the agricultural process, medicines, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and seedlings at the right time in addition to the establishment of seminars to identify farmers on how to establish nurseries and how to use pesticides to prevent diseases that affect the tobacco crop.

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