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The Syrian government declares its war against corruption and pledges to hold accountable its supporters


The government has decided to hold the public money and job centers accountable for personal gain from the highest ranks to the smallest. There is no room for ignoring what is happening. Accordingly, the Syrian cabinet decided to hold its weekly session last Sunday under the chairmanship of Eng. Emad Khamis to discuss the phenomenon of corruption as a serious scourge. To the society and the economy and public and private money. The Council approved a number of steps and measures that strengthen the government’s plan of action in the face of institutional and individual corruption, both financial and administrative, and fortifying the efficiency of state institutions to improve post-war and reconstruction burdens.
During the session, mechanisms were discussed to strengthen the fight against this phenomenon (corruption), whether by updating the laws, regulations and procedures governing the work of the institutions, or through accounting and accountability and the imposition of the most severe penalties for corrupters and exploiters of public money and job centers for personal gain under the concern of various state agencies To fight terrorism during the past years, and the Prime Minister responsible for this to the ministers and the emphasis on monitoring the institutions of the ministries and the performance of their employees and the prosecution of cases of imbalance and control.
The Council of Ministers confirmed during a hearing that the basic principle stipulated in the laws is that no one above the law.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the President of the Council re-examined the laws governing the work of institutions as a fundamental step to combat corruption, and the adoption of a set of “executive measures” to eliminate corruption in various forms.

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