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Syrian Observatory: A thousand citizens kidnapped in Afrin and systematic looting opperations


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that Afrin is still in its city, towns and villages, witnessing a struggle over the property of its displaced population by the armed factions in Operation Olive Branch, while the rest of the residents remain trapped by their chests and manage their tragedy for fear of a greater calamity.

The Syrian Observatory confirmed that it received complaints from the residents about the daily harassment they are subjected to, with ongoing violations against them. The residents assured the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the Turkish forces and the opposition factions continue their abduction of the Syrian civilians in Afrin area, on the pretext of their association with the Syrian democratic forces. Then they are taken to the headquarters in the area of ​​Afrin, and interrogate them and subjected them to torture and abuse agent and insults, and the number of abductees about a thousand people were kidnapped.

According to the Syrian Observatory, the kidnappers were released after paying bribes to the factions that arrested them, while the Turkish factions and forces refrained from releasing the rest except by paying money from their relatives. The residents also assured the Syrian Observatory that the factions in Afrin and the rest of the areas which are located in its countryside, informs and threatens the people and owners of shops that they have to pay money. If they can not pay, the faction fighters arrest them and force their relatives to secure the money.

It is noteworthy that each faction trying to increase the number of fighters through the announcement of “offers”, the resettlement of fighters in Afrin, and give them homes and salaries, to join it, in conjunction with the looting of property and machinery, jewelry and electronic devices.

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